Best Known National Parks and Reserves of East Africa

Prior to the year 1990 when various environmentalists called out for responsible traveling in natural areas to conserve both the locals as well as the environment, there was no such thing as Ecotourism. However, there had been a solid effort to conserve the natural environment and wildlife for the benefit of the locals ever since national parks were established within the United States and Australia way back in the 1870’s.

It later took half a decade before a national park was created in Africa- the Virunga National park located in the Democratic Republic of Congo 1925. It was then followed by the Kruger National park in South Africa. However, most would argue that currently the most impressive national parks all over Africa are based in East Africa. Read More

Watching African Elephants in the Wild

If you are thinking of traveling alone, taking a family holiday, or a going on your honeymoon then an elephant safari would be an unforgettable experience.

Elephants or as commonly referred to “the gentle giants of Africa” are a spectacular sight to see for both locals and tourists alike. The gentle giants of Africa enhance every trip to the continent and are always highly enjoyed sightings amongst both locals and tourists alike. Some of the areas that you would see these magnificent creatures would be:  Read More

Exploring the Ngorongoro

Tanzania is the home to spectacular wildlife and beautiful sceneries, however, the Ngorongoro crater is one unique feature that can only be seen in close range so as to be described.

It provides an incredible view from the ridges at the top showcasing the center stage action occurring down below at the crater’s floor. It is an embodiment of unspoiled scenes and the constant stir of wildlife that is sure to keep any viewer engrossed. Read More

Great Safari Destinations in Africa

Safari is an unforgettable journey, which is about observing animal life in the wild. Having visited it even once, you will certainly want to repeat this adventure.

The fauna of Kenya strikes with its diversity and wealth, which is why this country is rightfully considered to be the homeland of Safari. It is home to the Masai Mara National Reserve, which is the most popular safari destination not only in Kenya, but also throughout Africa. Read More