Out of Africa and Back: Ntaba African Safaris

Behind every company there are people — people with fascinating stories to tell about the company’s beginnings, it’s inner workings and the vision for the future. It gets especially interesting when it’s about African travel and when you get to hear the stories from the founders themselves, with heartwarming personal accounts of their early experiences and humanitarian projects they’re involved in.

This is exactly what we have here today: an interview with Ntaba African Safaris. Let’s hear their story.

Could you tell our readers in a few words about Ntaba African Safaris and the type of trips you organise?

Ntaba African Safaris specializes in delivering Authentic Safaris to Africa and creating the most memorable Safari experiences. Our owners Robin and Stella Mountain are 5th generation South African. Whether you would like to book one of our scheduled safaris or ask us to customize a Private Safari for your special event, your Ntaba African Safari promises the most in luxury and a uniquely compelling personal experience. A truly once in a lifetime adventure.

There’s a very eye-catching motto on one of the pages of your site: “We Don’t Send You to Africa. We Take You There.” Could you elaborate on it?

We take our travellers home! We have a strong network of both working & personal relationships throughout all the places we go. I often hear, “Hey, Mr. Ntaba!” shouted to me as I’m leading a group. We plan our trips based on what we know is good. We have previously visited all of the places we take our clients and have first-hand knowledge of what we are offering and what will work.

How did your agency start out? How did you arrive at the idea of organising safari trips to Africa?

Having traveled extensively through Southern Africa with my family & moving internationally from South Africa to America, it became a passion to share our home & our love of travel with others.

The first trip I ever really led was to South Africa was with 2 of my children & a group of beekeepers that I met through my work in animal husbandry here in the States. They wanted to travel and I wanted to show them my home. After that, I was hooked.

What’s the most satisfying part of your work? What makes it more than “just a job”?

Leading our clients is so special to us because we get to be alongside you & watch your world open up like it never has before. To witness that is a privilege. Many of our clients have become personal friends & we accept that as a gift.

What are some common misconceptions that people have about Africa and safari travel?

We often hear “is it safe to travel to Africa and go on Safari?” I can assure you the destinations we visit in Africa are very safe, warm, accepting and inviting. Most clients are pleasantly surprised as to how very warm, friendly and helpful the staff we interact with and the people we meet are. Safari adventures are an incredible opportunity to be with animals in their natural environment. Being close to these animals is a privilege and very safe as long as you follow the rules explained by your ranger. We take great pride in making sure our client’s safety is always top of mind.

Other than “classical” wildlife safaris, what kinds of activities or tours would you recommend for somebody looking for a more immersive Africa experience?

While travelling with Ntaba we can offer many cultural experiences to immerse yourself into the culture. Come with us to visit schools and meet the children and learn about their school day. Have dinner with Christo Brand, the Author of Mandela My Prisoner My Friend. Christo was Nelson Mandela’s prison warden while Mandela spent time on Robben Island. Enjoy a Home Hosted lunch as you dine in a local resident’s home and enjoy a meal prepared especially for you and discuss their life and customs. Visit a local business, Original T-bag designs that employs what many thought to be unemployable women who’s artwork is now sold around the world.

As we grow as a company we are more & more involved in humanity based charities throughout Africa. We are a large contributor to Zabra- A Free Bra Initiative, and most of our clients will get involved by taking a suitcase full of baby clothing, bras, & panties to South Africa where they are given to local shelters & orphanages. Some of these women have never owned such luxuries, which is hard to imagine to us in the States.

One of our newest partnerships is in Rwanda with Acts for Rwanda. Stella & I have even ‘adopted’ one of the young boys there to sponsor his schooling, & provide him with other basic needs. I have met with him many times and look forward to seeing him again soon. I have received letters & pictures from him & I am so excited to see his progress!

Thank you, Robin and Stella! To learn more about Ntaba African Safaris, head over to their website: https://ntabaafrica.com/

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