Lupita Private Island – in the Untouched Heart of Africa

Today’s post about the Lupita Island comes to you from Flo and David of the Safari Adventures Blog. Enjoy! A great place to end a safari on Serengeti or in southern Tanzania is at little known and visited Lake Tanganyika, home to Lupita Island Resort….

Letting People Know How Great Tanzania Is: An Interview with Adventure Camps Marketing

If you are looking for adventures in the wild, then Tanzania is one country that has a lot to offer. Who better to talk to about this wonderful country and the safari experiences it offers, than to people who live there and have an…

Tanzania – The Wild and the Luxurious

There are few adventures in life as exhilarating and yet as accessible as going on a safari to Africa to watch its magnificent fauna up close with no TV screen in between. But if you think about it, taking a bunch of city dwellers…

Serengeti: The Jewel of Africa

One of the most famous national parks in the east African region is the Serengeti park. It is known for its high concentration of wild animals together with breathtaking physical sceneries and it is also home to the world’s largest migration of wild animals….

Best Known National Parks and Reserves of East Africa

Prior to the year 1990 when various environmentalists called out for responsible traveling in natural areas to conserve both the locals as well as the environment, there was no such thing as Ecotourism. However, there had been a solid effort to conserve the natural…