Africa Odyssey: Create Your Own Dream Safari

I think one thing any safari traveller, whether experienced or a first-timer, will tell you, is that a real-life safari experience in the African bush is nothing like the documentaries you’ve seen all your life. Watching an elephant on the TV screen might be mildly entertaining, but it cannot compare to being meters away from the mighty beast, with nothing much separating the two of you.

You get a glimmer of the awe that our ancestors must have experienced standing face to face with the wild animals of primeval times on these same plains.

Luckily nowadays, you don’t need to be a brave lone explorer to experience this for yourself. There are numerous safari tour operators, including ones based in the UK and the US, who will organise an exciting detailed itinerary for you, according to your wishes and specifications.

One agency that stands out is Africa Odyssey, based in London. Their safari organising experience goes back to the 90’s, when they started out being focused solely on Tanzania. By now they have expanded into most of the well-known African safari destination countries, including South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and even to the islands of the Indian Ocean: Seychelles, Madagascar, Maldives etc.

Unlike many operators who sell predefined “packages”, Africa Odyssey go to great lengths to design and plan custom itineraries, being able to accommodate any budget (within reason of course). They make it a point to stress the importance of naming your special interests early on. Any particular course you want to hike? A historical site you’d like to see with your own eyes? Paint the sunset over the savannah? Make sure you tell them how you’d like to make your safari trip special (not saying that a safari trip isn’t special in itself).

When I checked out their website, what I really liked about them is their friendly and down-to-earth approach. There’s none of the formality I’ve seen on many tour operators’ websites. They introduce the whole team. They explain their process. They openly invite you to just drop by their office and chat with them about Africa.   It also very quickly becomes obvious that everyone on their team is hugely knowledgeable about African travel and everything that’s involved.

A particularly enticing feature of their offer is that should you get a lower quote from another accredited UK agency for the same itinerary, they’ll match the quote. I think it shows they know what their doing and are very confident about it.

Ready for your own Africa experience? Head over to the Africa Odyssey website and get in touch with them.

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