Lupita Private Island – in the Untouched Heart of Africa

Today’s post about the Lupita Island comes to you from Flo and David of the Safari Adventures Blog. Enjoy!

A great place to end a safari on Serengeti or in southern Tanzania is at little known and visited Lake Tanganyika, home to Lupita Island Resort. The Lake is situated within the Western Rift of the Great Rift Valley and is the world’s second largest freshwater lake by volume and depth as well as the longest lake at 481 miles, with water temperature at about 77 degrees.

This is a place for those who have seen everything, been everywhere. You can go alone or rent the island for your exclusive use. This will be an experience you will never forget.

The resort has ten uniquely crafted cottages set on a private 110-acre island.

All benefit from breath-taking lake and mountain views seen from their open verandas, making the most of the balmy breezes and memorable sunsets. Dotted amongst a tropical forest of carefully conserved indigenous trees, the property strives to leave as little mark on the natural environment as possible. The smallest cottages are 1800 square feet and the two-bedroom, two-bath family suite is 2500 square feet. All of the cottages are open plan and have a plunge pool with a stream running through the rooms, separate sitting room, verandah, large outdoor bath and waterfall shower.

From Lupita, you can take a quick little boat outing to Mvuma Village, a neighbouring island that is home to about 200 people living in tiny rustic huts, the chief and his several wives and many, many adorable children who, having once spotted your approaching boat, will run to the shore to greet you with smiling, eager faces and shy little greetings. It is a National Geographic moment. It makes one really feel that one has taken a step back in time. These charming people will take delight and great pride in showing you their humble dwellings.


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