Exploring the Ngorongoro

Tanzania is the home to spectacular wildlife and beautiful sceneries, however, the Ngorongoro crater is one unique feature that can only be seen in close range so as to be described.

It provides an incredible view from the ridges at the top showcasing the center stage action occurring down below at the crater’s floor. It is an embodiment of unspoiled scenes and the constant stir of wildlife that is sure to keep any viewer engrossed.

On the basis of the fossil evidence discovered close to the Olduvai Gorge during Louis and Mary Leakey’s first archaeological excavations, the Ngorongoro is said to have been the home of several hominid species for over 3 million years.

Initially, it was part of the Serengeti National Park but it was separated from the park in 1959. Subsequently, it was declared a heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1979. It is the only conservation reserve that allows human habitation but restricts cultivation to only subsistent levels making it very unique.

The Ngorongoro crater is the most popular site in the park. It is the world’s largest unfilled, intact and inactive volcanic crater. It was as a result of a volcanic explosion that collapsed on itself forming a 100 square mile wide and 2,000 feet deep crater. It also has a dense lion population as well as over 25,000 large animals like buffalos, hippos, and gazelles.

Another unique feature of the Ngorongoro Crater is its unique ecosystem. Various fauna and flora have been enclosed within the crater and have flourished to a balanced mix of hill forests alkaline lakes and large plains. There are also two little bushes that offer relief to the wildlife from excessive sunlight on the sun-soaked plains.

Tourists are guaranteed to get a close-up view of large concentration of wildlife on any trip to the Ngorongoro at any time of the year. Large populations of Grant’s gazelles, tsessebe, Thomson’s gazelles, and buffalos frequent the plains. The crater also hosts the largest population of elephants in Tanzania and they are the main attractions of visitors who visit the Ngorongoro.

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