Different Types of Safari Available in Africa

Safaris can be different. The differences consist not only in the duration of the adventure, but also in the form of transportation and the goals set.

Here are some of the general types of safari:

Introductory short-term trips

The most common kind of trip is a short one of 1-2 days. A group of tourists is allocated cars or ATVs.

On such trips most people appreciate the irrepressible feeling of freedom from riding at great speeds on the savannas and deserts. One can go to a local village or watch the sunset in the desert.

If you do not want to drive the vehicle, then book a trip with a driver. As a rule, an SUV accommodates up to 6 people. During the trip the group is accompanied by a driver, who is also a guide.

This is the way safaris are organized in most African national parks.

Usually, trips into the wilderness are made twice a day. Their aim is, first of all, to get acquainted with the diversity and uniqueness of the African wildlife.

Long trips

The most extreme kind of peaceful safari is a long-term offroad safari. Such programs are quite rare because of the complexity of the organization and because of the relatively high cost. However the impressions and emotions that the travelers get are beyond measure.

These kinds of trips are also organized in groups: at least 6 people, for this purpose there will be at least three SUVs. The application must be submitted no later than one month before the trip, indicating your wishes regarding the length of the route and the complexity of the route.

The SUVs have everything you need to keep in touch with the base. Together with the group there is a car accompanied by a guide, a cook (in case you refuse to dine at the hotel and want to eat outdoors). In the course of the trip you visit national parks and sleep in hotels.

Hunting Safari

A “real” safari that involves hunting is the most difficult and expensive variant of the trip. For this, it is necessary to undergo a long procedure of acquiring a license to hunt a particular animal.

In this case, the license strictly stipulates the time of travel and the territory on which it is allowed to carry out hunting.

If the hunter plans to bring his weapon with him, it is necessary to get permission for its import and a personal hunting license.

You can also rent a weapon on the spot – a rifle with a set of rounds may cost approximately $50 per day (though the price varies widely from country to country).

The average cost of organizing a hunting safari is around $200 per day. But the acquisition of a license to shoot an animal is in thousands, or tens of thousands.

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