Africa Odyssey: Create Your Own Dream Safari

I think one thing any safari traveller, whether experienced or a first-timer, will tell you, is that a real-life safari experience in the African bush is nothing like the documentaries you’ve seen all your life. Watching an elephant on the TV screen might be mildly entertaining, but it cannot compare to being meters away from the mighty beast, with nothing much separating the two of you.

You get a glimmer of the awe that our ancestors must have experienced standing face to face with the wild animals of primeval times on these same plains. Read More

Spice Up Your Africa Experience

It is a dream for many people to be able to go into the African wilderness and see all the animals they have seen in TV documentaries, but this time for real, with their own eyes.

Nowadays this is easier than ever, especially thanks to the tour agencies that help organize such trips.

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Lupita Private Island – in the Untouched Heart of Africa

Today’s post about the Lupita Island comes to you from Flo and David of the Safari Adventures Blog. Enjoy!

A great place to end a safari on Serengeti or in southern Tanzania is at little known and visited Lake Tanganyika, home to Lupita Island Resort. The Lake is situated within the Western Rift of the Great Rift Valley and is the world’s second largest freshwater lake by volume and depth as well as the longest lake at 481 miles, with water temperature at about 77 degrees. Read More

Letting People Know How Great Tanzania Is: An Interview with Adventure Camps Marketing

If you are looking for adventures in the wild, then Tanzania is one country that has a lot to offer. Who better to talk to about this wonderful country and the safari experiences it offers, than to people who live there and have an enormous experience working in this field?

So today, we will have a little chat with Flo and David from Adventure Camps Tanzania, asking them to share a little bit about the country, its national parks and wildlife.  Read More

Tanzania – The Wild and the Luxurious

There are few adventures in life as exhilarating and yet as accessible as going on a safari to Africa to watch its magnificent fauna up close with no TV screen in between.

But if you think about it, taking a bunch of city dwellers into the African wilderness while providing them with plenty of comfort that they’re used to and making them feel like they’re actually on vacation, is quite an art. Read More