Tanzania – The Wild and the Luxurious

There are few adventures in life as exhilarating and yet as accessible as going on a safari to Africa to watch its magnificent fauna up close with no TV screen in between.

But if you think about it, taking a bunch of city dwellers into the African wilderness while providing them with plenty of comfort that they’re used to and making them feel like they’re actually on vacation, is quite an art. Read More

Safari Tours in Kenya

One of the world’s most respected safari destinations in Africa is Kenya, it is located on the Eastern shores of Africa and is the home to the Masai Mara national park that is synonymous with abundant wildlife and the great wildebeest migration.

The country brims of adventure, thrill, and romance. It is commonly stated that you have not been on a classic safari unless you have taken a Kenyan safari. The country boasts of beautiful sceneries that are unexplored and is also filled with the most sought-after animals that bring you up close and personal with the laws of survival ensuring that you experience an ultimate Safari experience.  The reasons that a make Kenya an exciting safari destination include: Read More

Zambia – Africa’s Unsung Safari Destination

The scorching African sun in the summer on the Zambezi can reach highs of up to 105° F, but the cool breeze from the water will feel oddly cool on your back. The buffaloes loom onshore while the elephants walk with their young ones as 15-foot crocodiles slither beneath the surface. And yet, Zambia, quite undeservedly, gets less attention than the major safari destinations.

This is just a small description of what makes Zambia Africa’s unsung safari destination with immense potential and a wide variety of game. The numerous experiences include boat rides, walking safaris, fishing, and canoeing.

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Different Types of Safari Available in Africa

Safaris can be different. The differences consist not only in the duration of the adventure, but also in the form of transportation and the goals set.

Here are some of the general types of safari:

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

No doubt, the highlight of going on a safari in Uganda is seeing mountain gorillas.

In natural conditions, they live in only three countries: Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are about 740 of these gorillas in the wild, half of them living in Uganda. Read More